About Us

There's Magic at Titanium

We welcome you to experience the magic of Titanium. Located in the huge Balule Nature Reserve, which belongs to the Greater Kruger National Park, this is Africa at its absolute best! A classic place in the heart of wild Africa where nature guidelines and we are captivated, observers.

A Safari is an ancient African word indicating a journey and this is the best place for your journeys into Big Game Country!

Titanium is the local African name for a small stream or "spruit" that streams here. It means "Place of Sweet Water" and tired pilgrims would be drawn to this fantastic place to enjoy a drink.

Absolutely nothing has changed over the aeons of time as well as today we welcome tourists from around the world to our sanctuary.

At our small, intimate Lodge, with only 30 beds, visitors are ensured of calmness and inconspicuous listening, integrated with an intimacy with nature. Come and be particularly near to the African Spirit here.

The Lodge is quickly available, yet one goes into a totally different world once within the camp.

Life decreases to the rhythms of nature and the increasing and setting of the sun determine our motions.

The focus here is upon close-up encounters with Africa's magnificent wildlife, from the magnificent elephant, the excellent lion or the small termite. Combined with this, is the guarantee of your convenience in our 4-star facility, embellished in real South African style.

And our pride in personal service will ensure that your stay with us will be a remarkable celebration.