Latest Wedding

The latest venue we serviced was the Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club for the wedding of John Smith and Mary Matthews. The event was held on 9/8/2019 in the main hall with 76 friends and family members in attendance. Set up took a total of 6 hours from start to finish with more than […]

Visit to Yonkers Parks Department

Every once in a while, it’s important to take a break from the wedding services and go do something different, whether it’s taking a vacation or just trying a new activity. Have you ever been to the parks department’s location in Yonkers, NY? It’s located within a couple hundred feet of Stefanik Park and Cochran […]

New York Wedding & My Chiropractor Visit

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, you really have no idea how screwed up your body is.  I’m speaking from experience here.  It sounds ridiculous, but the smallest physical tweaks have the biggest impact on how you feel.  Picture a normal week.  You might sleep in an odd position one night and your […]

Why Partner with a Hood Cleaning Service

Hood cleaning is the process used to sanitize commercial cooking equipment in restaurants. The main problem is the build-up of grease. As the cooks make meals throughout the day, the burning fumes from various oils begin sticking to all of the equipment, ranging from the cooking utensils to the range hood. Those oils collect in […]

Patrick Henry Roanoke Weddings

Patrick Henry Roanoke offers unparalleled comfort and convenience along with all the amenities and attentive services which are the tradition of a grand hotel. It is the perfect setting for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, bridal parties and overnight accommodations for your guests. Elaborate wrought iron railings and accents of brass encircle the lobby and public […]