Latest Wedding

The latest venue we serviced was the Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club for the wedding of John Smith and Mary Matthews. The event was held on 9/8/2019 in the main hall with 76 friends and family members in attendance. Set up took a total of 6 hours from start to finish with more than 11 staff members helping. The tables and chairs were organized in rows and the music was prepared by a local recording artist who played live after the main ceremony. All of the videos and images from the event have been loaded to our website and the respective Facebook and YouTube pages.

The marriage of John and Mary was long awaited by their families. John Smith is the owner of Jacksonville Pool Decks, a pool deck repair and resurfacing company in Jacksonville, FL. Their company sponsored the event through their website As a proud member of the local community, Jacksonville Pool Decks’ contractors were able to raise more than $40,000 in less than 2 weeks to fund the event and provide free entrance to most of the attendees. All of the pool deck specialists from the main office were in attendance. The concrete repair professionals showed up as well, bringing numerous gifts for the bride and groom. The free entrance was a nice surprise for everyone involved, leaving John and his new wife with zero debt upon leaving the ceremony. We offer a big shout and thank you to Jacksonville Pool Decks for their tremendous generosity.