Why Partner with a Hood Cleaning Service

Hood cleaning is the process used to sanitize commercial cooking equipment in restaurants. The main problem is the build-up of grease. As the cooks make meals throughout the day, the burning fumes from various oils begin sticking to all of the equipment, ranging from the cooking utensils to the range hood. Those oils collect in large quantities, building up on the surface until it either becomes an obstruction or a fire hazard. Because of that, each commercial kitchen should find a quality company they can rely on to clean the vent hood, like our partner Dallas Hood Cleaning. It can be difficult to find a trustworthy hood cleaning service when there are so many to choose from, so here are 3 tips to identify the best company to partner with:

  1. Check Reviews – Any reputable companies whose been in the business for more than a couple weeks has good reviews somewhere. Check social media sites like Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Google to see what their ratings are. Tons of 5-star ratings is a good sign. If there’s a mix of ratings, read through the various reviews to see if any common themes sticks out to you.
  2. Check the Certifications – Quality restaurant hood cleaning services maintain up-to-date certifications to do the type of work they do. Ask to see their license to ensure you’re working with someone who’s actually certified to perform restaurant hood cleaning appropriately.
    Get a Few Quotes – Because hood cleaners can charge whatever they want, it’s smart to get quotes from a few different companies to make sure their asking price is in-line with other companies. There will always be some variation, but avoid the ends of the spectrum. Too expensive means you’re overpaying and too cheap means the work is probably shoddy.
  3. Make Sure They Have Fire Prevention Training – Hood cleaning is a necessary service because it promotes safety and prevents fires. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that the company you hire has expertise in fire prevention. One spark could send the entire building up in flames, endangering all the employees and patrons.

When it comes to the safety of your staff and patrons, cleaning the restaurant’s vent hoods is a must. Use the tips we’ve provided to select a company that can remove the dirt and grime effectively and efficiently at a reasonable cost.